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Working for 7 years at Odebrecht in the cost area and in 2013 in Cusco Vías project I met Sinapsys, which greatly facilitated my work, so I also used it in the Central Hidroelectrica Chaglla project, where I met the new Nomadesys tool – Collector of Equipment, and put it into practice in NEGROMAYO project. Now I am benefiting from the advantages of the system. And indeed, we are delighted to work with this modern and practical system, with a very efficient support.

Oliver Mamani Yanapa – Costs Assistant NEGROMAYO


Working for 12 years with Odebrecht in the area of cost, I know that only understand the cost is enough, it is necessary to have the proper tool. GRD is a tool of easy operation and attends the the work in an objective way, both for monitoring the productivity and for indices, as well as for the closing notes.

Sivaldo Gouveia – Odebrecht


I met the Daily Routine Manager in 2000, in the construction UHE Itapebi – BA. At the time there were two modules and were called PDE and SAMO. I also used the UHE Irapé in the PCH Terra Santa and PCH DEB Palmeiras. For serving the needs of construction companies very well, has become an indispensable tool.

Serrano Santos – Hochtief do Brazil