Is it important to invest in technology to provide leaders and managers with up to date information on their team’s performance and reach of goal?

The SINAPSYS believe it! With this conviction serves companies like ODEBRECHT and works of the size of UHE Teles Pires and many infrastructure projects.

ODEBRECHT, with trust in a partnership of more than 10 years, deployed in UHE Teles Pires, the most complete and updated version of our software arming it with suitable tool for their employees. From data entry to the shape of the presentation, the system was developed to improve the management of the work and mainly contribute to the reduction of waste.

Among the options in market, ODEBRECHT invested in SINAPSYS software, making sure of the choice to manage its business, to share information and help improve the result.

Do as ODEBRECHT. Invest in technology that makes a difference, when the goal is to reduce waste and improve performance, SINAPSYS software is essential.