Monitoring fuel consumption

This module has the main objective of controlling the fuel consumption of equipment. A secondary objective is to record time spent on labor for supply and maintenance, and the record of the equipment that is in maintenance with details of expected date of return to share with the engineering and planning sectors.


  • Calculate the actual average daily consumption, compared to the average of the model, allowing to verify distortions in consumption;
  • Graphically displays the peak consumption, warning equipment problems or excessive consumption;
  • Provides summaries of consumption by period and equipment model, assisting in the scheduling of fuel purchases;
  • List the equipment in maintenance with the expected end date of repair, aiding the planning and allocation of equipment for the work.

Key features

  • Inventory control by train;
  • Control of per day consumption;
  • Calculation of average consumption per device;
  • Average consumption by period and for equipment graphically represented.