Anticipated travel programs produce savings

The module of personnel movement has two main functionalities: travel control and personnel admission. The travel control manages the employee travel to visit family, periodicity, prices, shopping. The admission control facilitates the hiring process and signals the status of the stages.


  • Logs in a centrally and organized way the requests for ticket purchases and requests for hiring;
  • Share the information so that each leader track the progress of each request;
  • The systematic recording of data assists in the anticipation of buying tickets, thus saving money;
  • Calculates the average ticket per person, date and state;
  • Has alert to the estimated dates of travel validating the destination city;
  • Information search directly by the leader or responsible.

Key features

  • Provide overall and grouped exports of ticket purchases;
  • Graphics for presenting the average cost;
  • Reports for conferences by leader or applicant, for distribution;
  • Alerts of deadlines for application for admission;
  • Export the Personal Time Off period to integrate with the legal point.