Increased productivity, reduced waste

The module of appropriation of equipment working hours (PDE) aims to facilitate the management of equipment, track working and non-working hours, and record production (own equipment and others) in construction works. Allows to compare rates, targets, predictions and periods. Generates daily information of production, thus providing a reference for comparison with the production target.


  • Assists in better allocation of third party equipment reducing wasted warranty hours;
  • Assists in reducing own equipment inactivity;
  • Provides daily information of production without relying on land surveying;
  • Enables fast tracking of production (planned vs. actual);
  • Assists in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the work equipment;
  • Provides, at any time, detailed information of working hours, losses and production for closing cost and analysis;

Key features

  • Centralized typing screens for all equipment;
  • Corrections screens with filters to adjust from the account cost, location and materials;
  • Reports and file exportation to the measuring of subcontractors;
  • Control reports for warranty hours;
  • Reports with charts and family photos of equipment;
  • Exportation of hours for other systems.