Effective control of labor

The module of Notes on Labor seeks, first, the record of working hours and strikes per worker, and, in a complementary way, the effective control of the teams, assisting the location of each employee within the work.


  • Contributes to a better management of the teams on project;
  • Assists in controlling losses related to labor (absences, strikes and delays), contributing to the reduction of idleness in the construction site;
  • Allows you to identify the index of labor per service in more detail, compared with historical rates (day, week, month or year);
  • Provides detailed information on working hours for the closing cost.

Key features

  • Assists in controlling losses related to labor, unexcused absences, team exchanges;
  • Compare the estimated production, actual production estimated rates;
  • Detailed reports of labor;
  • Integration with payroll to generate data for costing.